• Alison Mckee

The importance of washing your sheets..

For most of us our bed is our ”Happy place“.

What if I told you that your “happy place” is most likely swormed with human bacteria? Yes it’s a sad but very true fact that your favorite cozy sheets , that ever so soft pillow case we look forward to laying our heads on each night can actually be a hazard, that could potentially lead to many health issues , including infections!

When we sleep our skin regenerates .. out with the old in with the new. Where do you think the dead cells fall? Yep! Right Into our beds , picture as though our sheets are a net catching thousands of different human cells such as body oils, saliva, dirt from outside, pet dander , sexual fluids and even urine and faecal matter....just to name a few ! If you eat in bed that provides a wonderful environment for organisms.

Are we grossed out yet?

THERE’S MORE ! Humans naturally produce 26 gallons of sweat in our beds every year, this moisture is a very “ideal fungal cultural medium”. If you have a cut, scratch or open wound then the things mentioned above can actually cause infections. Dead skin cells can also attract dust mites which can affect those who are asthmatic.

It is recommend that your sheets and pillowcases be washed at least once a week at a high heat setting to destroy bacteria. For those of you who hate the hassle of dealing with duvet covers do not Fret , those should be done every few Months. Dry cleaning services are a excellent option , however not ideal for some. Letting your bedding dry in direct sunlight (if possible) is another great way to kill left over germs. You can also run a hot iron over pillow cases and sheets to kill any leftover bacteria.

Now, if you're sick with something contagious Sheets and other bedding need to be changed as soon as you feel better to prevent contracting the illness again. The water will need to hot to kill the germs, so select the sanitize option on your washer. If your washer doesn't have a sanitize option, use the highest heat setting kill the bacteria. Dry as stated above or in the dryer using the highest heat setting in there as well.

1 in 6 people have allergies, and the average person spends roughly about one third of their life in bed, scientists are speculating that our beds may be the source of a lot of our misery.

In conclusion, Our health and the health of our family

members should always be our first priority. No one is exempt no matter how “clean” you think you are from the everyday germs we take into our beds.

Whether you can afford to spend a little money on dry cleaning, or you would prefer to clean your sheets yourself. Your bed sheets and pillowcases must be cleaned regularly, at least once a week.

Sleep tight !

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